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Welcome to PhysioSeven

Located between Tervuren and Sterrebeek, the practice is your trustworthy contact for physiotherapy, specialized in orthopedics, surgery and neurology. The peculiarity of the treatment is the interaction of manual techniques and physical stimuli, such as heat, cold or electrotherapy. Thanks to further training, the treatment techniques are always up to date.

Every treatment is adapted to your individual needs, based on your pathology and physical condition. The therapy session therefore includes an anamnesis, various tests, trial treatments in order to establish the most appropriate therapy planning for the following sessions.

The anamnesis is an opportunity to review medical findings and to perform both active and passive tests. The data obtained is used to establish the most appropriate therapy plan, taking into account the individual level of pain. During the subsequent course of treatment, the objectives of the therapy may be adapted in order to achieve the best possible results.

For any further questions or for appointments, do not hesitate to call or send an email. Appointments may also be made online through this website.


Physiotherapy services


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training accident

back pain

soft tissue injury

balance training

Chronic pain

accident at work

fall prevention


Ilgvars Sevenheck

- Physiotherapist -

Nachtegalenlaan 77

3080 Tervuren

Therapies at the practice only with appointments.


Parking right in front of the practice.

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